Working Out at Home Just Got Easier

During outdoor class season

If you're struggling to find time to get to the gym for your spin class, but can get a good ride in on your own if you had the the equipment to do so. Leg Up Fitness has a solution for you at a great price of only $30 a month you can rent a stationary bike. This includes delivery to your home and pickup.

Zoom class fee not included. Zoom classes can be found in the calendar and pricing section. Already have a bike and would like to join those classes? Great! All you have to do is enroll. Single class priced $10 for a 60 min. class.

Bike rentals are limited during outdoor season. Get your rental today by contacting me directly at 406-203-7058.

Make sticking to your routine easier

Make sticking to your routine easier

Keeping up with a workout routine is far more challenging when you have to get in your car and drive to the closest gym. Working out at home can help you stick to your plan and achieve your goals at your own time. Leg Up Fitness makes it easy for you by providing you with the equipment you need.

Get in touch with me today to learn more about your online class options.