I have been doing Jens spins and full body zoom workouts I have also lost about 15 lbs. in the last 7 months. More than that, I feel great and the schedule totally works for my family. Oh and Jen is awesome.

-Ann Hadlow

Jen Brehm is amazing! I have been doing spin, full body and newly personal training. I have gone from an XXL to a large and down about 45 lbs. since June. But most importantly, I am in such a better mental space and I have gained some amazing friends!!!

-Brittney Gardner

Jen is absolutely amazing at what she does! I was nervous as I have never done a live spin class before and the entire time she was encouraging and pushed me in such a positive way! I love that the class was outside, it was beautiful. I highly recommend Jen and her classes! I definitely will be going back!

-Brittney Gardner

Jen is amazing! Such a great workout! I love that the locations are always changing. I'm often going to places I've never been to around Missoula and spinning with these incredible views. Sure you could go for a bike ride outside, but Jen's classes leave me feeling not only physically better but mentally stronger. Jen is really great at helping others feel proud of themselves. She encourages you to push your limits as well as find appreciation and gratitude for yourself. If I'm having a bad day or just an unmotivated day, I know that going to one of Jen's spin classes will make me feel better. Jen is such a positive force and her energy is infectious. After going to her classes once a week for about two months I've noticed my arm strength as well as my core strength has seriously grown. Give Leg Up a try. I promise you won't be disappointed!

-Meghan Murtagh

I've been meaning to give a shout out to Jen. I started with her 6/16/2020. I've been doing spin 1x/wk and personal training with 2 other amazing ladies 2x/wk. By September (14 weeks) I had lost 12 lbs and went from a size 10-12...I'll be honest, more of a size 12...to a size 8!!!

What's shocking is that this was achieved only exercising 3 days/wk with Jen. It's manageable and I don't feel guilty about spending the time on myself vs trying for 6 days/wk especially while working and raising a family. Work-life balance

I've been working out on and off for years mainly to tone the bod up and stay in shape for my job to prevent injuries. I never thought that I needed to lose weight and I'd always just fluctuated by 3-5 lbs from a set weight. I've also never lost weight requiring a wardrobe change with any other program I've done which includes annual online subscriptions.

I feel sooooooooo.....much better. I'm still in a size 8, small-medium, as I've continued with my workouts 3x/wk with Jen for the almost past 8 months. Most of my success is because she shows up at our door. I needed the physical motivation and accountability. I just couldn't muster up enough self motivation this time.

My most favorite part is that I've been doing this with my mom and a great new friend.

I am so fortunate to have met you and have you in my life Jen. I feel you genuinely care and support me in my growth to take time for me!

-Jaclyn Carson

I've had the benefit (and pleasure) of working with Jen for over a year, during which time, I've explored all aspects of her program's offerings and options. Jen has a totally upbeat personality, and an open leadership style. She is an exceptionally attentive listener, a most keenly aware observer, and her instruction is personal. As a trainer, Jen has extensive expertise through which she tailors the workouts to address your specific goals and needs (even we seniors). I recommend that you sign up, and go for a ride. Your endorphins will love you, and you will evolve!
-Bob 'the beast' Warrington

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