Build Connections While Meeting Your Personal Goals

You'll love my small group training classes

Fitness fosters community. As the owner and lead trainer at Leg Up Fitness, I want to help my clients meet like-minded individuals and establish friendships during their workouts. My small group training classes are designed to provide you with personalized coaching and a sense of community. Plus, these classes are less expensive than one-on-one training.

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Working out in groups comes with benefits

Working out in groups comes with benefits

There's something exciting about showing up to a workout class with people who are rooting for you. I recommend small group training because...

  • You'll meet new friends who have similar interests and goals.
  • You can save money on training when compared to one-on-one sessions.
  • You'll get individualized coaching to help reach your goals.
  • You'll have other people there to hold you accountable.

My small group training classes are $30 per person with a limit of five people per class. Call 406-203-7058 now to reserve your spot.