Youth Training Programs

Summer Youth Training opportunity

All youth training programs will run once a week same day/s time/s for 60 min workout. Training schedule can be found in each description as well as our Calander where you can sign up. We are offering summer youth training programs ranging from ages 6-18 years of age. All will have different focuses accordingly to their age group, but all will include working in groups amongst peers.

Trainings will be held at Leg Up Fitness studio located in Frenchtown.

How can we best support our growing children live healthy and happy lifestyles and gain so many more important skills it can offer you!?

It's never too early to start and encourage fitness as a healthy habit. Our kids are the future to our society and here at Leg Up we understand the values to be gained from exercise physically, mentally, and emotionally. Exercise and fitness not only provides opportunity to see how important it is to take care of ourselves. It challenges our abilities to build hard and healthy habits such as how to become discipline under high demand. How to manage time and energy. How to stay accountable to not only ourselves but to others. How to find drive and chase after what you want. Which is why Leg Up Fitness will be offering our community youth training programs starting this summer.

Trainer, Jen has a background in sports and athletic training. As a former athlete and now senior to the game I want to pass my athletic passion down to those who are in the game today!

Youth Training Program Age 6-9

Summer Youth Training opportunity

Training program ages 6-9 will focus on the fundamentals of exercising at a basic level of body movement, coordination, and agility. The workouts will be intended to give our littles an opportunity to introduce exercise as a fun activity. Furthermore, gain skills as they continue to grow into their sports activities or daily active lifestyles.

WEDNESDAYS- 9:30 AM June 12th- August 7th

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Youth Training Program Ages 10-14

Summer Youth Training opportunity

This Training program is for age group 10-14. We will work on speed agility, coordination drills as well as strength conditioning appropriate to their age group to help enhance sports performances as well as daily active play and movement. This program not only will help aid physical benefits, but it's targeted to also create foundations to improve social and emotional skills.

TUESDAYS 6:15 PM. June 11th- August 6th

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Youth Training Program Ages 15-18

Summer Youth Training opportunity

This Training program is for age group 15-18. With a combination of speed, agility and strength conditioning as its focus you will keep your body actively trained and conditioning during summer schedule. This program is intended to help enhance sports performances and challenge you to also work with your fellow peers in group settings.

MONDAYS 10 AM June 11th- August 5th

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