Looking to sculpt and tone your body?

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A 30 minute class that includes slower, more isolated movements to promote a longer more steady burn targeting more specific muscle groups which means we slow or hold in certain exercises using light weight or resistance bands. And will focus on certain areas of the body each week.

Get more in tune with your body

Get more in tune with your body

It's a good workout to get more in tune with your body, educate yourself on form and self awareness which is important to build upon when introducing fitness into your life or even maintaining. Learn more about exercise movements and control as well as working certain muscles. It offers a challenge but does not drive your heart rate up comparable to a HIIT class. Modifications are provided and all levels are welcome!

Introducing formats of classes we offer; spin, HIIT, and sculpt is a great balance of exercises to participate in if you're looking to get leaner but most importantly feel stronger and gain confidence.