Get Fit While Enjoying the Fresh Air

Offering outdoor spinning classes

What if I told you, you could spend time in the beautiful sunshine and breathe fresh air during your group spin class? You can with Leg Up Fitness. As a certified cycling instructor, I offer outdoor spinning/cycling classes during warm weather seasons here in Missoula, MT. I'll bring all the equipment needed for a good ride - all you need is a great attitude, a yoga mat and clip in shoes for a bike if you have them. If not you can use the foot cage with normal gym shoes.

I want to make your fitness fun and flexible. That's why I have decided to add both 30- minute HIIT spin classes and 60- minute spin classes (45 min. beat based ride with 5 min. abs off the bike) You can sign up for a 60 min. ride for just $20, or you can sign up for the 30 min. ride for $10.

Call 406-203-7058 today to book your bike.

3 benefits of outdoor workouts

3 benefits of outdoor workouts

We create the fun and we all create the environment we are working out in. When you come to one of my outdoor classes, you can...

  1. Breathe in and enjoy the fresh air
  2. Reduce the spread of germs
  3. Mix up your routine with beautiful locations

Reserve your spot in one of my outdoor spinning or weight training classes today.